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Driven by our passion for real estate brokerage and development, OM Real Estate offers tailor-made and holistic end-to-end solutions in real estate investments. Utmost customer focus and proximity to our core-markets in Central-Eastern Europe makes OM Real Estate utilize global networks in order to outperform and deliver as promised – every day. Integrity, trust, fairness and liability are cornerstones of OM Real Estate’s entrepreneurial spirit and irrevocable anchor of our DNA.

Residential Living

Housing – one of the most original demands of humanity these days experiences substantial distortion, especially in the western hemisphere. A significant increase in demand for urban living, requires enhanced strategies to ensure a liveable environment in today’s cities. OM Real Estate makes a substantial contribution to respond these challenges with its clear scope on urban residential areas.

Hotel Investments

With globalization and its global markets and mobility the world has become smaller for most of us. The demand for temporary living- and long-term competitive hotel-concepts sets continuously a number of record highs year on year. OM Real Estate is fascinated by this exciting environment and puts a strong focus on its business-field hotel investments. 

Care Centre Properties

As a result of society’s demographic change, nursing homes and assisted living are more than ever before worthwhile and stable investments. Besides of economic key performance indicators it is mandatory establishing the preconditions of a graceful aging. OM Real Estate feels a great social responsibility to get involved in this field of business.


Booming e-commerce gives huge pressure on stationary trade. Thus, attractive areas and efficiently operated stores are most-wanted in this competitive market. More about this, local supply of remote areas receives rising attention, what results in retail parks, finding their way into the portfolio of institutional investors.


More than ever, distribution- and last-mile delivery-concepts are critical bottle-necks for global supply-chains, as rising e-commerce business-models require utmost on-time performance and customer satisfaction. OM Real Estate convinces with reliable access to well located sites in operation, brown and greenfield-opportunities, making the difference in a market-environment of high demand.


The utmost priority to fight climate change, brings significant disruption to established business-fields of the energy sector. Achieving climate targets until 2030, requires everyone of us to take over responsibility, leaving the comfort-zone. OM Real Estate wants to add contribution saving the planet, focussing on long-term solutions in photovoltaic operations within its Central-European core-markets.

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